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360° Carpet & Sofa Cleaning Services in Dubai, UAE

Carpet Cleaning Dubai - Red carpet is a Government Certified, professional carpet cleaning company for commercial and residential properties across Dubai, UAE. We take great pride in providing our clients with the best quality of service gained from our experience to provide the highest standard of the industry. Our highly up to date trained and experienced technicians who are fully insured can deal with any carpet cleaning services for commercial and residential property may require.

Professionals Carpet Cleaning Services.


Latest Technology Equipments

As a leading cleaning company in Dubai. All our equipment are the built-in latest technology to ensure a great quality in cleaning services we offer.

Trained Professional Cleaners

Our employees are well experienced, equiped and trained wich ensures a high quality in the cleaning services we offer

Cleaning Services We Offer.

Our team has up to date equipment for cleaning, stain, and spot removing chemicals and other and with expertise and experience, they can provide the best carpet and sofa cleaning service in Dubai across UAE. Nothing is more important than your complete and total satisfaction in what we do, for us.

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Type of Cleaning Services We Offer.

Various type of Carpet Cleaning Services we offer to various customers and we are professionals at
Carpet Power Wash Service
Carpet Deep Cleaning Service
Carpet Stain Removal Service
Carpet Color Restoration Service

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